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a new twist in the david petraeus sex scandal. this morning, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is under investigation. the pentagon looking into alleged inappropriate e-mails between general john allen and one of the women in the center of the controversy. filling the void with the abrupt departure from david petraeus from the cia, a look at the man likely to replace him as keeper this country's secrets. and sandy sales. while thousands of victims strasburg until the aftermath of hurricane sandy, the damage brought on by the storm is giving one industry a boost. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, november 13th, 2012.
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good morning, everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. this morning, one of america's highest ranking military leaders has been caught up in the investigation that led to the resignation of cia director david petraeus. general john allen is the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. allen is under investigation by the pentagon for alleged inappropriate communications with jill kelly. she's the tampa, florida, woman, who is said to have received threatening e-mails from petraeus's mistress. a pentagon official says allen and kelly exchanged up to 30,000 communications between 2010 and 2012. it's unclear if they were involved in sexual matters or classified information. allen will remain the u.s. commander in afghanistan for now. but these latest developments only serve to widen the scandal that has gripped the nation's capital since friday. tara mergener is in washington with more. what's the latest there? >> reporter: good morning to you. that's right. another twist in this drama. defense secretary leon panetta
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ordered a pentagon investigation on monday involving one of the u.s. military's biggest names. general john allen, the man who succeeded david petraeus as head of the international forces in afghanistan, is now linked to the fbi investigation involving his predecessor. >> i want to thank you all so much for being here this morning. >> reporter: secretary of defense leon panetta confirms department of defense is investigating allen, and a senior u.s. defense official says the inquiry centers around potentially inappropriate e-mails with jill kelly, the florida woman who sparked an investigation that led to petraeus's resignation as head of the cia. >> if you know my sister, like i said, she is a dedicated mother and a dedicated wife. >> reporter: kelly first went to the fbi when she received threatening e-mails from an anonymous source. those were allegedly linked to paula broadwell. broadwell was having an affair with petraeus and reportedly believed kelly was a romantic rival for his attention. monday night, fbi investigators were in broadwell's charlotte,
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north carolina home. the agency would not say what it was looking for, only that broadwell agreed to the search ahead of time. petraeus resigned friday when word of the affair became public. >> obviously, it's a tragic turn of events for someone who has contributed so much to this country. >> reporter: general allen is in washington, d.c. for senate confirmation hearings for his new job as head of the u.s. european command. however, president obama has now agreed to put the general's confirmation for that post on hold. secreta secretary panetta issued a statement that saying while this matter is under investigation, general allen will remain commander of the isaf. general allen deny he has done anything wrong. meanwhile, secretary panetta is asking to move up the confirmation of general joseph dunford, allen's likely successor in afghanistan. meanwhile, with david petraeus out, the cia has a new
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leader. michael morell is a career cia officer who has held a variety of leadership positions and it's the second time he's held the role of acting director. david martin has more. >> reporter: after only 14 months, david petraeus, the supposedly indispensable man, is gone. without warning, a new man, michael morell, must step forward from his post as deputy first to leon panetta, then to petraeus, and take over. jo john mclachlan knows what that's like. he did it in 2004. >> once you're sitting in that chair, there's no one sitting behind you. there's no safety net. so the acting director for all practical purposes is the director for that period of time. >> reporter: can morell head an organization in the middle of a shooting war. he has been in on the war since it started. as president bush's daily briefer, he delivered the famous briefing in august of 2001, bin laden determined to strike in
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u.s. he was with the president on 9/11, relaying reports from cia headquarters. he is an analyst, not an operator. but then, neither was panetta, who during his term as cia director, headed the most successful operation of all, the hunt for osama bin laden. morell was part of that operation. assigned to come up with arguments why the intelligence that bin laden was hiding in a pakistani compound could be wrong. like the president before, this president knows morell. >> the cia works primarily for the president, and the acting director's ability to function as a director depends to a large degree on the president's confidence in him or her. >> reporter: morell is the eighth cia director in the past seven years. you could almost say cia directors are not indispensable, they're disposable. david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. cbs news has learned president obama will likely nominate u.n. ambassador susan rice to replace hillary clinton
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as secretary of state. rice may face a tough confirmation process, though. republicans have criticized her response to the september 11th assault in benghazi. rice said it was a spontaneous response to anti-american protests in cairo and not a coordinated attack. congress returns today with an agenda dominated to avoid the so called fiscal cliff, the combination of tax expense increases and spending cuts. president obama meets with top ceos tomorrow to discuss the issue. on friday, mr. obama meets with congressional leaders. new york governor andrew cuomo is ask asking the frovd for $30 billion in aid to help his state rebuild following hurricane sandy. two weeks after the storm, tens of thousands of customers remain without power in the hardest hit sections of new york and new jersey. some 55,000 of them on long island. cuomo says the long island power company was not prepared and
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failed to communicate. >> i'm going to do a thorough review/investigation and a very serious one, and they will be held accountable. for past performance. and then we also have to get smart about this, and we have to make sure that we're prepared for when this happens again. >> this morning, gas rationing in new jersey ends, but remains in effect for new york city and surrounding suburbs. overseas now and the spreading unrest in syria. for the second day in a row, syrian jets struck positions near the turkish border. yesterday, syrian jets and helicopters bombed a rebel-held border town. opposition groups say up to 16 people were killed. yesterday, israel fired on syrian artillery after syrian mortar rounds fell. coming up, officials try to narrow down the cause of a deadly explosion in indianapolis that nearly took out a whole neighborhood. this is the "cbs morning news." [ timers ringing ]
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the cause of the fiery explosion that demolished several homes in an indianapolis neighborhood is shifted to a possible furnace problem. two people were killed, seven others injured in saturday's blast. investigators initially thought it might have been tgg but the owner of one of the homes that was destroyed in the explosion said there was a problem with the furnace recently. a hearing resumes today near tacoma washington for army staff sergeant robert bales. on monday, prosecutors used the video link to question afghan witnesses to the attack. john blackstone reports. >> reporter: staff sergeant bales showed no reaction after ten afghans told of the night their two villages were awakened by gunshots. nine of the murder victims were children. the massacre was one of the worst crimes attributed to a u.s. serviceman in decades. a 7-year-old told the court her father was shot right through
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the throat and chest. the bullet let me in the leg. this 15-year-old, who was shot in both legs, told the court the same story he told us back in his village. >> translator: my uncle, my little cousin, and my grandmother were killed. i was told to put my hands on the wall. >> reporter: his father testified by video that he found four bodies, all shot in the head, including his own mother. i saw her and cried, he said, and i could not look at her face. 39-year-old bales, a married father of two young children, served four tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. he was arrested after returning to base early in the morning of march 11th, covered in blood. fellow soldiers have testified he had been drinking. sergeant jason mclachlan said bales admitted he shot up some people. none of the survivors could identify bales as the gunman. this girl was 7 years old when
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she was shot in the head, wearing the scarf that hit her wounds, she told the court her attacker was wearing a t-shirt and khaki pants. this 14-year-old testified that he begged the gunman not to shoot. we kept saying we are children, we are children. bales' wife carrie was in the courtroom. in july, she told "cbs this morning" she didn't believe her husband was capable of the murders. >> i really want a fair trial for my husband so that the facts do come out. my children deserve to be proud of their father because he sacrificed a lot for his country and has been away from our family too often. >> reporter: final arguments are tuesday, and then a u.s. army colonel will recommend whether to go ahead with a full court marshal, which could include the death penalty. one business getting a big boost from hurricane sandy. car benefits are reaping the benefits from the storm. in sports, big ben takes a big hit in "monday night football." could the steelers win without him?
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the midwest will be mostly dry. light rain or snow showers will cross parts of washington, oregon, and the northern rockies. the aftermath of hurricane sandy is turning into a bonanza for used car dealers. "usa today" reports the storm may have destroyed as many as a quarter of a million cars in new york and new jersey, and those cars will need to be replaced quickly. edmunds expects used car sales to rise by as much as $700 to $1,000 per car. "cbs moneywatch" time. a big oil boost for the u.s. twinkies users beware a strike. ashley morison, good morning. >> oh, the horror. the u.s. is on the road to becoming the world's top oil producer in five years. the about face is driven by the surge of shale gas and oil production. the u.s. could become energy self-sufficient in 23 years.
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greece won more time to recover from its debt crisis. european finance ministers meeting in belgium on monday gave greece until 2016 to implement debt reduction targets. the bailout package cost $305 billion, a $40 billion immediate aid package was delayed as finance ministers hash out how greece is to make it debt sustainable in the long-term. that uncertainty took asian markets this morning. tokyo's nikkei fell for the seventh straight session, its longest losing run in seven months, while the hang seng dropped more than 1%. trading on wall street was flat as investors grow concerned about the so called fiscal cliff. both the dow jones and the nasdaq were mostly unchanged, each losing a fraction of a point. big changes at microsoft, the president of windows and windows live operations left the company after 23 years.
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his departure comes less than three weeks after microsoft launched windows 8. the company did not say why he was leaving. and hostess is closing three bakeries following a strike of unionized bakers that began on friday. hoes stes products include wonder bread and twinkies. more than 600 workers will be out of jobs. hostess filed for bankruptcy last january. and now i'm hungry for a twinkie. >> hurry up and buy some. they may not be available after a while. ashley morison here in new york, thank you so much. in sports, a monday night match-up between pittsburgh and kansas city. game tied third quarter, the steelers run into some trouble. ben roethlisberger getting sacked, he injured his shoulder and would not return to the game. final minute, steelers leading 13-10.
4:18 am
but kc converts on a fourth and long. the chiefs would tie it on a last-second field goal, sending this game to overtime. but in ot, lawrence timmons comes up with the interception, he brings it back to the 5 yard line. that sets up an easy field goal for pittsburgh. steelers escape this one with a win 16-13. texas tech football coach tommy tuberville is apologizing for an ugly sideline event. they caught him swiping at assistant coach kevin oliver, ripping oliver's headset off. on monday, tuberville called the incident unfortunate but said he did not hit oliver and doesn't appreciate the reports that he did. >> some have reported that i slapped or hit. you're dead wrong. i did not do that. and a little bit disappoint -- most of you in here know me, i think you know me a lot better than that. i can understand somebody in l.a. or california doing it and making some kind of statement
4:19 am
like that by watching the film. >> tuberville said he was angered over back-to-back penalties in texas tech's win over kansas. when we come back, a soda that could fight fat. and costume controversy. victoria's secret under fire for one of designs at its annual fashion show. okay, now here's our holiday gift list. aww, not the mall. well, i'll do the shopping... if you do the shipping. shipping's a hassle. i'll go to the mall. hey. hi.
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. here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. morning rain in washington, 51 degree. sunny in st. louis, 58 degrees. mostly sunny in denver, 54. periods of rain in seattle, 51 degrees. the puppeteer and voice behind elmo, the "sesame street" character, is accused of having a sexual relationship with an underaged boy. 52-year-old kevin clash denies the allegation. his accuser, who is 23 years old, claims he was 16 at the time of the relationship. the show said it found the
4:22 am
allegations to be unsubstantiated. clash has taken a leave of absence from "sesame street." john mcafee, the founder of the anti-virus computer software that bears his name is wanted for questioning for a murder. policedescribe him as a person of interest, not a suspect. his neighbor was found dead last sunday. both are u.s. citizens. police say the two men did not get along. you might never think of pepsi cola as health food until now. pepsi today launched a new soda called pepsi special, it contains a fiber which is supposed to reduce fat levels. it will only be available in japan. figures. victoria's secret is apologizing for a fashion faux pas, one of its lingerie models we're a native american head dress at a taping of the annual victoria's secret fashion show. some complain the outfit was ignorant toward tribal cultural. victoria's secret said it didn't intend to offend anyone and would not include the outfit in
4:23 am
the broadcast on december 4th. got a feeling a lot of people won't be paying attention to the head dress anyway. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news." [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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. good morning. welcome to 9news now. today is tuesday, november 13. just tuesday. how about that. i'm andrea roane. i look up to the right and i go is it monday or tuesday.
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thank you for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. good morning. good morning. a wet morning it is. this is the rain we've been expecting. it is going to slow you down a little bit for the morning commute. we'll get rid of the rain mid- to late morning and the afternoon sunny and breezy. big changes. yesterday we had enough sunshine 72. we got in the low 70s. today it's 48 this morning. feeling more like 40, 42 with the wind. by noon partly to mostly cloudy and some sun this afternoon. high about 50, 52. back to 49 and breezy at 5:00 p.m. here's a look at the area of showers. yes, that's a little bit of snow mixing in in the western edge in the higher elevations. heavier rains on the leading edge earlier. now we have heavier showers to the west of town. a couple of moderate showers in rockville. from hagerstown down to charms town, much of washington --
4:27 am
charles town, much of washington county seeing rain. down toward winchester and woodstock and areas in western talkier -- fauquier county. 52 if cambridge -- in cambridge. grab the rain jackets, rain gear. monika, you look chilly. as long as you look good, whatever, you can be cold. if you're planning to head around town, it is cold and the roads are wet. please be careful if you're traveling out early this morning, especially when the volumes are light. everyone tends to go faster. inbound 66 toward oakton and vienna, everything is good. inside the beltway 66 at glebe road, no issues to report as you head for the roosevelt bridge. the north side of town, traffic is looking good as well from
4:28 am
college park into bethesda spring. no issues on 270 coming in from frederick. a live on 270 at old georgetown road. roads are wet and volumes light coming down to the split. i'll be back with more at 4:39. >> thank you, monika. with hopes of saving money for the district the number of ambulances working overnight could soon be reduced. in fact a change in service could start as soon as today. >> the chief says the plan is to reduce the level of ambulance service overnight between the hours of 1:00 and 7:00 in the morning. ambulance service would be increased during the peak hours, though. >> some of the guys working the trucks will have to start manning. >> the firefighter paramedics may have to help out from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. i know they have complained to work long hours and it's too hard, but i already gave them a proposal. hopefully they'll step up and serve the citizens of the city as they're supposed to. >> the pair madics -- paramedics on the fire trucks
4:29 am
will cover the calls. in other d.c. news, the fire department's main -- [indiscernible] -- the price tag is approaching a million dollars. >> the coast guard isn't happy with that vote either. >> john glenn is our primary. >> reporter: the john glenn is still patrolling the potomac but the biggest boats in the three-boat eschew fleet isn't what it used -- -- rescue fleet isn't what it used to be. lots of people are questioning whether the john glenn is still up to the job given the new threats to homeland security. d.c. fire officials confirm the communication is system is broken. the boat's radio cannot transmit an automated distress call. >> part of the communication system doesn't work. they're using a much

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